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To provide quality education to the rural children in Mewat, India, we need both safe and adequate infrastructure, and soft assets. We welcome donors who can support (1) The holistic development of a particular school(s) and/or (2) One or more components in schools.

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Volunteering is an act of heroism on a grand scale. And it matters profoundly. Everyone can contribute their time, skills and knowledge to help lift someone up.

To have a feel of the sense of fulfillment that our volunteers have experienced, here’s what they have got to say:

Interns from Singapore Management University

“I applied to intern with SRF Foundation because of their work in education transformation. Their involvement of various stakeholders for a single project seemed like the right way to go and I was eager to learn how this was done. In the short months here I have had a glimpse of what I had asked for – the challenges, the people-skills and the rigour that it encompasses. Many thanks to the colleagues who made me feel like part of the family and to SRFF for giving me an eye-opening opportunity.”

“In our time at SRF Foundation, we were given the valuable opportunity to get up close with the people of Mewat, to personally document their stories and share them with a wider audience – this allowed for an immensely broadening, meaningful internship experience where we were engaged on a deeper and more personal level. In a time marked by widening inequality, SRF Foundation’s efforts to empower the communities of Mewat through education and training are especially pertinent, and I’m glad to have been a part of SRF Foundation’s good work.”

“Interning with SRF Foundation was certainly the right choice. I was always keen to work for an NGO, to immerse myself in a diverse environment that I would never otherwise encounter, and this enriching internship provided me with exactly what I needed. It also gave me the opportunity to interact with the friendly people of Mewat district whom I would have never met otherwise. This inspiring experience has enhanced my interest in working for an NGO, and motivated me to contribute towards the Education sector in the near future.”

Yu Ting
I am proud to say I have managed to step out of my comfort zone to embark on this unforgettable journey. I am glad that in this process, I have been able to contribute positively to the Foundation. I have learnt so much and met so many kind souls (that’s you guys!).”

Claire Ng
“I am very grateful to have been presented this opportunity to be part of the good work that SRF Foundation does. I will never forget the kind people here, and the times spent working together. Each and every one of you has played a significant role in shaping my experience in India.”

“What SRF Foundation is doing is worth announcing to the world (both online and offline), and I am glad I was able to be part of it. And most importantly, I am grateful for the kind people we have met in India, especially in SRF. Thank you for making this journey so wonderful.”

“It was a great experience largely because I had you as colleagues. I hope the things my team and I have contributed will make a difference and that it will help you in continuing to strive for changes in the quality of education here.

“The internship experience here was really a very memorable one. After these ten weeks of work, I hope that the people in Mewat will slowly change their mindset about education, and that they will realize education’s potential in opening more opportunities. I hope more girls especially will start attending school, because it’s only when they’re educated that their family sizes will eventually get smaller, their incomes get higher, and they break out of the poverty trap.”

“I really enjoyed this internship experience and I’m now back again to intern for the foundation for longer term. Through this short experience, I hope that one day; all the children will look forward to coming to school, and not simply for the mid-day meals. I hope that the new furniture, upgraded toilets, sports and games that will soon be introduced will make coming to school a much more comfortable and fun experience."

Enric Oon
Being able to get up-close to the communities the SRF Foundation works with has been the highlight of my ten week journey. The experience has been tremendous, not only on the professional front, but also on the personal level. The opportunity to immerse myself into a culture that is so friendly, rich and diverse will be one that stays with me for many years.

Lyndon James
My time in SRF Foundation was incredible! I learnt so much from working with the foundation through the regular visits of Mewat and documenting the numerous initiatives that they have done such as the MREP and MRVP. Being part of the company made me feel so proud that I am making a difference to the lives of the villages, although I come from a country, which is so vastly different from India. My colleagues I worked with were very dedicated in their job and they made my three months stay so meaningful.
Thank you SRF Foundation!


Interns from ESADE Business School

Sara Ferraz
I am so thankful to the SRF Foundation for giving me this great opportunity. This internship has not only allowed me to be part of the great job the foundation is doing to improve education and the life of the young people in Mewat, but also to discover this beautiful country that is full of charm, rich culture and amazing people.
The opportunity to help improve the lives of others and the chance to explore India has made this internship one of the greatest and most fulfilling experiences of my life


Interns from Soil India

Ankush Chopra
“SRF Foundation is doing some amazing work in the Mewat region. The team is working with lots of sincerity to improve the quality of education in the area. It was a real privilege when I was given the opportunity to a part of this team and contribute to the cause. I am sure this team will achieve lot of success in this endeavor.”

Sheeza Shakeel
The unique curriculum of Soil offered us a chance to work with one of the best NGOs to drive social change. I joined SRF as a part of the course. Little realizing that this compulsion would become a choice. We read and aspire to make a difference, here at SRF I was given precisely the same opportunity. It was an excellent platform which identified my strengths and leveraged them in a project with resonated the most with me. It was about the empowerment of women keeping in mind their sanitation. SRF and SOIL came together for a cause and we are determined to lead it to a successful conclusion. Like they say, you find yourself when you lose yourself to the service of others. We are doing the same!
Glad to be a part of SRF!
In short, the experience is "Love made visible"..!!

Jitin Nair
I am a Post Graduate in Finance & Financial planning and currently pursuing Business Leadership Program (BLP) from school of Inspired leadership.
I have about 4 years of experience in operations, sales & corporate relationship with HSBC. Within 2 years, I was promoted as an Associate Vice President with the bank for my exceptional performance across these functions.

"Working with SRF has been an amazing experience for me up till now. I learnt how much it's it's important to strategize your plans and keep a check upon your action to make sure you are moving in right direction"

Robin Goel
When other B- Schools are busy focussing on top line and bottom line, Soil and SRF come together to focus on inclusive growth. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. I had always thought of working for a noble cause. This dream turned to reality with Project Sanchay. It was targeting the women group and their hygiene. Moreover, from the day I was on board, every day has been a learning experience. Beside capitalizing on my corporate work ex, I had a chance to explore new areas. This definitely added value to my existing skill set.

All in all it is wonderful journey! Together we channelize energies to make Project Sanchay a success.

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