Our Initiatives Under Rural Education Program (REP)

Support My School Programme (SMS)

Since 2013, SRF Foundation under its ‘Rural Education Program' (REP) has been successfully operating Coco-Cola NDTV initiative 'Support My School’ program in collaboration with NDTV Coco-Cola, TetraPak, Enrich Agro and UNHABITAT in the Nuh block of Mewat district, Haryana. The project aims to provide an environment for the holistic development of the children through fun-filled learning, play and sports and access to proper to health and hygiene. This year the Foundation successfully completed Season – 5 of SMS program in 18 schools of Mewat (Haryana) and Indore and Bhind (Madhya Pradesh) benefitting 4,486 school children.

The focus area of the project are components such as functional toilets for boys and girls, safe drinking water, libraries equipped with books, play and sports equipment, functional science laboratories, Building As Learning Aid, playground and plantation.


So far, the program has impacted 14,500 children, 350 teachers, 7500 parents including other Community Members and 780 School Management Committee (SMC) members.

IBM KidSmart Programme


Launched in 2010, in collaboration with IBM India Pvt. Ltd and SRF Ltd., IBM KidSmart Programme provides an opportunity for the children of government primary schools to experience state-of-the art computer-aided learning. The initiative integrates reading, cognitive, physical and creative aspects of learning. Till date, the Foundation is successfully operating the programme in five states of Haryana (Mewat), Rajasthan (Bhiwadi), Gujarat (Dahej), Madhya Pradesh (Gwalior) and Tamil Nadu (Gummdidipoondi&Viralimalai) covering 58 schools of 58 villages and 24,000 school going and out of school children. Efforts and contribution made by the State Education Departments of Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Panchayats and the community were also instrumental for the success of the programme.


In May 2012, a mobile van, Avishkar, was launched by SRF Foundation to promote Science in all Government Middle Schools. Fitted with interesting Science equipment, models, a projector and a sound system, the van allows students to perform Science lab activities with the equipment, technology and methods that are usually not available in schools. Hence, enabling them to learn Science concepts more effectively, and in an interesting and enjoyable way.

Spreading community messages or issues with the van's P.A. system and projection facility has also enhanced the effectiveness of communication within the communities.


Through the use of videos, communities are more interested to understand issues concerning education of children, student dropout rate, attendance and regularity, school development, cleanliness, etc. The van's main beneficiaries like youths, women, children, sarpanch, key members of the villages and other stakeholders participate favorably in the discussions, meetings and awareness programs or any other event duly organised.

Avishkar van reaches out to more than 4100 students and 12 Science teachers in 22 middle schools and 50,000 community members of 19 villages annually.

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‘Udaan’ – Girls Residential Special Training Center (STC)


Operational since November 2011, Udaan (STC) is one of the unique initiatives under Mewat Rural Education Program (MREP) of SRF Foundation. Implemented in collaboration with CARE India and supported by Government of Haryana, 'UDAAN' is an 11 month free residential accelerated learning program in Nuh block of Mewat District, addressing the girl child education in the Meo-Muslim community. Till date Udaan (STC) has impacted the lives of 400 girls.

The program helps out-of-school girls in the age group of 11 –14 years to complete their primary level education equivalent to grade V of formal schooling and be back to regular school with admission into age appropriate class fulfilling Right to Education Act (RTE). It gives girls a second chance at education, escaping the cycle of poverty, and proving to their families and communities that everyone, regardless of gender,

deserves an education. It also focusses on the needed special training, leadership skills, health and hygiene, Urdu & Quran education and psycho social support, so that after mainstreaming they are adjusted competently, socially and cognitively in regular schools / KGBVs.

Academic Enrichment Program (AEP)

To increase the quality of students learning and development of 21st century teacher’s skill, Academic Enrichment Program (AEP) was launched by the Foundation in 2016. The basic objective of AEP is to enhance the learning outcomes of the children attending Classes 1 to 8 in selected 42 MREP Government schools (22 middle and 20 primary schools) of 19 villages, Nuh – Mewat, with the strength of 12,100 children and teacher capacity of 256 teachers.

In a years’ time, the program aims to achieve 70% increase in academic performance of the students above district average, demonstrate different models of learning enhancement strategies at class and school level for replication across the state, promote experiential learning and ensure functional libraries to enhance reading habits.


Swachh Vidyalaya


Initiated in 2014, SwachhVidyalaya – 'BachchoKa, BachchoKeLiye, BachchoDwara' is a campaign to promote healthy hygiene practices at school, home and in community with a slogan of “PehleSafai, PhirPadhai”. The objective of the campaign is to sensitize the children towards the need and importance of cleanliness and create a clean and hygienic environment in schools. A key feature of the campaign is formation of 'Students' Committees’ to promote responsible citizenship amongst the students who work on five major areas of School Campus Cleanliness, Attendance & Regularity, Health & Hygiene, Discipline and Utilization of Resources. Each area is supervised by three students with 1 head boy & 1 head girl overall.Till date, SwachhVidyalaya has become a part of 72 schools comprising 26,112 students and 732 teachers from 49 villages of Mewat (Haryana), Dahej (Gujarat), Bangalore (Karnataka) and Chennai (Tamil Nadu).

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Capgemini School Adoption Project

Capgemini 'School Adoption Project' is an education initiative in collaboration with Capgemini, SRF Foundation and Govt. Education Depts. of Tamil Nadu & Karnataka aiming for holistic transformation of 10 govt. schools in Chennai and 10 govt. schools in Bangalore locations impacting 11,314 students.The project was launched in November 2016, for a period of two years. The program is a unique school transformation project, which aims to work at the heart of critical issues that our public education system faces today. It strives to improve access, quality and infrastructural support for the adopted govt. schools and will also support children who come from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, at these schools.


hp World on Wheels (WoW)


The World on Wheels (WoW) project, a joint venture of HP and SRF Foundation, strives to break the cycle of poverty by empowering everyone, everywhere with the skills and opportunities to succeed in the jobs of the future. HP and SRF Foundation, made its maiden journey in February, 2017 when the company unveiled the first 24 seater, IT-enabled bus in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan that can be adapted for a variety of learning modules, including business training for entrepreneurs, e-learning and other services.

HP WoW bus offers a mobility solution to help bridge the digital divide between urban and rural areas through PPP model by bringing easy information technology access to the isolated and disadvantaged groups in 18 villages and the government schools of

those villages in Bhiwadi (Alwar Dist.), Rajasthan. It will also promote IT enabled education through e-learning modules and entrepreneurial and skill development courses will help train school children, rural youth and communities, among others by acting as a Community Service Center (CSC).The SRF Foundation 'hpWoW' project aims to impact over 45,000 people across 18 villages in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan during the 39-month partnership tenure. Soon we are planning to launch the same bus in three more locations – Dahej, Gwalior and Gummidipoondi.

School Twinning Programme

SRF Foundation initiated School Twinning Programme in the year 2013 in collaboration with 'The Shri Ram School' (TSRS), by connecting rural based Mewat government schools with city based Shri Ram schools for enriching and mutual cross learning. The programme, a unique initiative, provides a platform for students coming from different backgrounds to share best practices, create camaraderie and positive feel. The exposure visits to the TSRS schools are organized in a structured manner over a period of four months through 12 planned visits. This intervention with Urban and Rural School students, helps create a unique bond of friendship, brings positivity in student's learnings, behaviors and attitudes and have a lasting effect on the impact of learning outcomes in students.


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Special Coaching Programmes


To help academically weaker students from Class X and XII, a Special Tuition Programme is organized every year in the program schools at our plant locations of Manali, Gummidipoondi and Viralimalai. The objective of the program is to enable Class X and XII students to score high marks in their respective board examinations. After school hours, the students are provided with special tuition on identified subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Commerce, Accountancy and English along with stationary support like note books. A total of 674 students of Class X and XII benefitted from this programme this year. Soon, the special coaching program will also run in the program schools of Gwalior, Pantnagar and Indore plant locations.

Sports Promotion

Believing sports and games to be necessary for overall development of a child, SRF Foundation support them with sport equipment and favorable playing environment. These include playgrounds for Football, courts for Kho-Kho, Kabaddi and Badminton. As a part of our sports promotion efforts, we have also installed play and sports equipment like poles, football nets, swings, see-saws and jungle gyms in more than 70 schools.


Promotion of Leadership at School Level


The success of any institution depends on the leader. Especially in the school system. The adage goes -"the school is the headmaster, headmaster is the school". It is the leadership quality and the ability to influence others that will take the school to the great heights. A survey conducted found that if the headmasters are exposed to the latest approaches in school leadership, the entire school will naturally assimilate to the new approach, and develop to a great extent. With this in mind, the SRF foundation envisaged and launched a programme for Headmasters to provide them the opportunities to interact with the luminaries in the field of education.