Mission, Goals and Strategy



SRF Foundation has identified 5 main focus points: pre-primary education, primary education, secondary education, vocational skills, and teacher education.

Pre-primary education is the utmost foundation for any child attending school. SRF Foundation believes that by starting from the very initial stages of education, we can help the children attain a better head start before primary education.

At the current stage, primary education is mandatory. Children here attend standards I to V. The major goals of primary education are achieving numeracy and literacy. However, standards vary among various stages and even in districts. Our foundation strives to provide support directly/indirectly to ensure a holistic and quality education to the children.

Moving on to secondary education, children from standards VI to X are encouraged to further enrich their minds. More subjects are being introduced to broaden the horizons of the children as well as deepen the depth of their concepts and understanding of different subjects.

As the children grow older, support is given to train them in various vocational skills training and in so doing, achieve independence.

As children education is an essential part of our focus, we also use our expertise to train the teachers so as to equip them with better skills, to teach the kids in a more enriching, interesting way.


Our foundation has set up a the following goals for the near future:

Expand and enhance The Shri Ram School – In an ever changing landscape, not only do we want to expand our school to satisfy the demand for it, we also have to keep up by improving on the infrastructure as well as the soft assets of the school.

Reaching the unreached– We have 2 aims to achieve this goal. One of which is by implementing the “Model School” programme which involves providing support through the direct intervention in a cluster of schools. The second of which is further expand our outreach programme, Shri Sambandh Programme, which indirectly provides support by partnering with other organisation across the country.

Strengthen Enhancing Early Education programme for teachers– After our pilot test run in 2007/08, our foundation has decided to strengthen this programme and hope to encourage and attract more teacher trainees to join this programme to impart to them a set of skills that will help them in their pre-primary education teaching skills.

Set up Vocational Skills Centres– By setting up these vocational skills centre, we hope to integrate unemployed youths from 18-25 year old into the workforce by equipping them with the appropriate skills.
As part of our focus, our foundation plans to open 2 vocational skills centre. The first vocation skills centre will be located in Mewat, Haryana, where our “Model School” programme is.  The second one will be located in Manali, Chennai, where one of our business plants is located.

Support Business Units of SRF LIMITED on CSR initiatives– SRF Limited has a firm belief that as a corporate citizen it has a greater role to play in society's development than mere profit generation. In keeping with this, the Foundation also provides support to the SRF business units in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. For instance, with the help of the Foundation, SRF Limited is deeply involved in creating HIV/AIDS awareness at the workplace, supporting of the affirmative action towards SC/ST communities and the education initiatives from the business units of SRF Limited.


Our foundation plans to achieve our goals and vision primarily by working on Public Private Participation Model by engaging with the various organisations and stakeholders:

Government– By partnering with the government, we can work hand in hand towards improving the situation. We can help one another to cover the scope and scale of things in relation to education.

Private Industry– Not only will partnering the private sector offer us access to better technological, process-oriented and financial support, we can also encourage the workforce to be more involved in our projects and increase overall awareness. We can offer wider reach in terms of visibility for the various organisations. Support can also be shared both ways in terms of research and resource sharing.

NGOs / Foundations– By working with other NGOs and foundations, we widen the network of everyone involved and could definitely make use of each other’s expertise and resources to help one another towards their cause.

Academic Institutes– With the support from the brains of our society, we work closely with them to share our findings and experiences and exchange views and opinions. Academic institutions can share their research and most up to date teaching methods. In addition, volunteers from these institutions are warmly welcomed to help as well as gain experience and contribute by sharing their knowledge.

Local Community– The essence of our projects is based on the local community. On the ground, support is needed to help out with the actual carrying out of the work and support is also needed to ensure that ownership of the projects is gradually integrated into the community.

Furthermore, with a strong history with regards to The Shri Ram Schools in the region, SRF Foundation plans to leverage on the expertise and experience of the model/design and knowledge of The Shri Ram Schools in relation to the education field.