Our Institutions and Programs

 Rural Education Program (REP) – Reaching the Unreached
 Rural Vocational Skills Program (RVP) – Connecting the Unconnected
Teachers Try Science (TTS)
Shri Sambandh (SS)
The Shri Ram Schools (TSRS)
Enhancing Early Education Programme for Teachers (3EP)
SRF Vidyalaya (SRFV)

1. Rural Education Program (REP) – Reaching the Unreached

To provide quality education and holistic development to children of rural areas, SRF Foundation embarked on the journey of creating ‘Centre of Excellence’ by transforming Government Schools into “Model Schools” by plugging the gaps of government schemes through direct intervention in a cluster of schools.

SRF Foundation turns the government schools into a dynamic center of education and development by infrastructure up-gradation and schemes like building safe drinking water facilities, boys’ and girls’ toilets, play facility, library, promotion of girls’ education, education for school dropouts, and promotion of leadership, Science and computer education.


Through its education programmes, SRF Foundation brings a difference to the lives of 63,640 students, in 190 schools at 16 locations across 8 states which are: Mewat in Haryana; Dheradun, Kashipur and Pantnagar in Uttrakhand; Gwalior, Pithampur and Indore in Madhya Pradesh, Bhiwadi in Rajasthan; Dahej in Gujarat; Bangalore in Karnataka; Viralimalai, Manali, Chengalpattu and Gummidipoondi in Tamil Nadu and Gautam Budh Nagar in Uttar Pradesh.

To know the making of a dynamic center of education click here.

2. Rural Vocational Skills Program (RVP) – Connecting the Unconnected


The Foundation is integrating school dropouts and unemployed youths between the age group of 18-25 years into mainstream workforce by equipping them with appropriate skills. SRF Foundation plans to open skill centres where Model Schools are being created; understanding that Women forms the most important pillar of the society, a special emphasis has been laid on women empowerment through skilling.

Under the skill development programme, SRF Foundation has started skill centres for trades in Spoken English (Mewat and Indore); Electrician Training Program (Mewat and Gwalior); Advanced Beautician Training, Cement Rings and Driving Classes for women (Gummidipoondi), Computer and English Classes for women, Forklift Training,

JCB Operator, Tailoring Classes for women (Manali). So far more than 5000 women and men have been trained in these courses. The trainees from these course are expected to be self-employed or getting jobs at various institutions.

To know our various skill development programs click here.

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3. Teachers Try Science (TTS)

In collaboration with Government of Haryana and IBM, SRF Foundation has launched an ambitious project of training 84 Champion Trainers from 21 DIETs and 124 block coordinators from 22 Districts of Haryana by conducting monthly training programs, exposure visits and nurturing online collaborations. With this program around 2 lakhs students and 2605 teachers of 1240 government schools are being benefitted across Haryana. The programme was also launched in 30 government middle schools of Gwalior in July 2016 benefitting 5,000 students and 30 teachers.

The program aims at:

  • Building the capacities of DIET faculty on innovative Science practices.
  • Preparing selected schools in their respective districts to promote Science education.
  • Preparing the teachers and children to participate at District, State & National level Science exhibitions, theater and drama.
  • Nurturing online Science community in the Haryana education system.
  • Promotion of leadership at school level.


4. Shri Sambandh (SS)


Shri Sambandh is an outreach consultancy based program that offers technical support and guidance in academic services such as customized teacher training, curriculum design, conducting learning camps, teaching and learning material preparation, leadership training, design of co-curricular programs, evaluation of academic performance and providing institutional support to our partners who run education programs for under privileged children.

Over the years this program has impacted the lives of more than 200 teachers and over 5,000 children from government schools.The effort has always been to raise the quality of education in the rural area and provide the children with more opportunities to enhance their learning.

So far consultancy has been provided to organizations like Aga Khan Foundation, Mewat Development Agency and The Shri Ram Police Public School (TSPPS).Among the private schools that have been part of the Shri Sambandh training sessions are Ajanta Public School, Aadayant Preschool, Blue Bells public school,Medhaam, Anand preschool and many more.

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5. The Shri Ram Schools (TSRS)

The Shri Ram Schools (TSRS) were set up in 1988 as part of the SRF Foundation, under the aegis and vision of Padma Shree late Mrs. Manju Bharat Ram. Since then, the school has expanded to four campuses in New Delhi and Gurgaon. Committed to providing quality education, TSRS provides an excellent opportunity for the holistic development of a child by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for learning, sports and other co-curricular activities. In an ever changing landscape, we are expanding our school to satisfy its demand; we are keeping up with the standards by improving on the infrastructure as well as the soft assets of the school. TSRS was also ranked India's No 1 day school by Education World's Schools survey in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2014. Presently 4,300 students are enrolled in its three Campuses in Gurgaon and New Delhi with a staggering Teacher to Student Ratio of 1: 11.


To find out more, visit www.tsrs.org

6. Enhancing Early Education Programme for Teachers (3EP)


A sister concern of The Shri Ram Schools, Enhancing Early Education Program (3EP) is the banner under which the SRF Foundation offers courses and interventions in Early Childhood Education. It was instituted in July, 2007, and is based in The Shri Ram School, Aravali.

The Enhancing Early Education Programme (3EP) is involved in running a six month Nursery Teacher Training course for persons desirous of working with children in the age group of 2-6 years. The Teacher Support Programme offers In-service Teacher Training to both private and public agencies. Teachers from Anand Pre School, Ajanta Public School, SRS School (Bhiwani), TSPPS (Bhondsi), Medhaam Pre School, PardadaPardadi Educational Society, TSMS (Noida) and TSEY have been trained on

various aspects of child centered education Enhancing Early Education also supports the Mewat Rural Education Programme undertaken by SRFF in the pedagogical sphere.

Drawing from the wealth of experience of The Shri Ram Schools, The Enhancing Early Education Programme seeks to spread the magic of The Shri Ram School philosophy, which translates into a practical and innovative child centric methodology. This integrates contemporary pedagogical practice, incorporating methodologies that are applicable globally. Thus, Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles, impact of various schools of thought in Education, and Experiential Learning - all find a place in a manner that is practical and hands on.The 3EP Program has entered into its 10th year of operation and has achieved 100% recruitment for its trainees by reputed pre-primary schools.

To find out more, visit www.shriearlyeducation.com

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7. SRF Vidyalaya (SRFV)

SRF Vidyalaya is an initiative supported by SRF Technical Textiles Business (TTB) located in Manali, Chennai. The school came under the tutelage of Vivekananda Educational Trust in April 1995 and follows State Board (equitable standard) Syllabus with emphasis on National Curriculum Frame Work (NCF) 2005, creating classrooms that encourage learning and offer strategies towards a good academic career with national fervor. It aims to bring quality education to children of the less fortunate and provides to the students a learner-centric education through a unique curriculum that facilitates active learning. Today, it has a student population of about 780 from lower kindergarten to high school level along with 37 teachers.

The objectives of SRF Vidyalaya are to:

  • Provide quality education to local community as available to urban children.
  • Provide quality education to first generation learners.
  • Provide a holistic learner-center curriculum.